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The Fun Play, or Free Play mode of gaming in online casinos is just what you’d expect it to be: playing simply for fun/free.

This is a popular option for players who like to play casino games just for the heck of it. This option is also useful for players who would like to try out new online casinos or simply new games offered by the online casinos.

Online casino operators have actually reported that the number of people playing for free is currently increasing. The free play option allows players to access most, if not all, of the games offered by the online casino. Though players do not win anything from playing, this option is perfect for testing out that game you’ve always wanted to try out. This way, you wouldn’t lose any money by experimenting around with the games.

This is one of the advantages of playing at an online casino versus a brick and mortar casino: you can learn the games in and out at your leisure time without pressure.

The process is quite simple. The first thing a prospective player should do is to go to the casino’s website, download their software, and install it on their computer. After launching the game, you can then choose to create an account as a fun player using fun money.

The menu options usually have practice or free play on it. This is what you want to select. Now once you’re done creating your account at the casino, you can then choose to play at any of their available games.

Let’s take for example online blackjack. You can now start playing at the tables like any regular game. Some players actually use this option in order to practice their blackjack skills.

Other players who lack the know-how use this option just to gain some experience with a particular game since it is much better to be familiar with how the games are run and how they are set up on your screen before actually betting real money on them.

Aside from getting first-hand experience, another advantage is that you do not have to spend any amount of money for this entertainment. Though bets are still made like in a normal game for money, you will be given fake chips (called ‘fun money’) to gamble away or even win during free play.

This is important so players can evaluate their performance by how much they’ve won or lost after playing. The winnings, are not redeemable. Most often, players who have tried out playing for free will proceed to play for real money once they master a particular game. At which point, you will in a better position to make correct decisions while playing as you will now be familiar with the games you just practised.

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