Live roulette

Live roulette can be a thrilling online game, especially as it enables players to participate in a game of roulette in real time. You will be able to access live roulette games being played at a real brick and mortar casino, while simultaneously being able to chat and interact online with croupiers and other online roulette players from all over the world. The fun of playing live roulette lies in the fact that the outcome of each spin of the wheel is unpredictable and depends on chance alone.

This means that there is no definite roulette gaming strategy to master and implement; however, players who know how to pick their games, manage their bankrolls and bet intelligently will have a strong advantage over regular roulette players.

Simultaneously, there is a school of thought, according to which a judicious mixture of roulette betting strategies and roulette bankroll management can actually enhance players’ chances of winning a game of roulette. Before trying out any of them, players must understand that they are not magic methods that definitely lead to winnings. They may or may not increase players’ chances of winning.

Using roulette betting systems

There are three major systems that players need to get familiar with if they want to get the best of playing live roulette—the Martingale System, the Fibonacci System and the Labouchere System. Although they may sound formidable, the basics of each system are quite easy to grasp.

Roulette players worldwide use the Martingale System, which requires players to double their bets whenever they lose. Followers of this system, hope that at least one loss will be followed by a win, which will help them retrieve all that they have lost so far. Players, however, must be careful before trying this system because one can easily end up broke if they do not get lucky.

The Fibonacci System bears a striking resemblance to the Martingale System, except that it requires players to bet according to the Fibonacci sequence instead of betting double whenever they lose.

Another term for Labouchere System would be “progression betting,” in which the players are required to bet according to the Labouchere sequence, which is somewhat similar to the Fibonacci sequence.

These systems are associated with a lot of math and calculation and players should never try them out until they have understood them properly

Play roulette for free

This is the best live roulette strategy for beginners who are still not sure that they have understood the rules of the game. Several live dealer casinos offer free versions of live roulette and beginners are advised to play live roulette for free till they learn the rules and various betting options of the game thoroughly.

Play European roulette

Live casinos offer two variants of live roulette—American Roulette and European Roulette. Owing to the presence of the 00 in American Roulette, this variant has a larger house edge. Players are therefore advised to play European Roulette to increase their chances of winning.

Above all, players should learn not to depend on some strategy outlined in a book, CD, or article. Instead, they should develop their own strategies based on their personal experience of the game.

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